Zell Condorbrave

First Appearance




Voice actor

Steven Jay Blum


Bloody Omen

Zell/Zele Condorbrave is the latest member of the Corsiones, hired for his skills against Deadmen and supplies their Mercenaries. He happens to be the only member who is a pure human, aswell as being the only surviving member by the end of O.D.

Story Edit


Zell awaits with his men.

Zell appears in the castle along with Sherry to protect the Don. While Sherry takes him away, he stays to fight Grave, Juji or Billy. He claims that he and his mercs have fought and killed 4 deadmen prior. After a long battle along with his men, he was defeated. On his knees and surrounded by his dead soldiers, he asks to be finished, yet the player leaves him be. After Grave/Juji/Billy leaves, he converses with one of his men, lighting a cigar and complimenting their enemy. He considers a holiday Vietnam or the Bahamas, before telling the merc to collect survivors and retreat. He is never seen again.


"Thats why we're hired."

"I'll contact you when we've defeated the enemy."

"We did quite well, considering our opponent."

"I've been waiting for you."

"Come on men!"

"Don't confuse us with men who've never faced your kind before."