Okay. I really wish I could name the new game. If they did we'd probabbly know but it's great anime and games. It should come back to life. If I had a choice I'd name it. Gungrave II: Reawakening. IF anime it would be Gungrave.... (IDK WHAT TO NAME IT >_<) I really wish that Grave, Junji and Rocketbilly be in a fighting game like marvel vs capcom. T_T I miss them. But anyway. If i was the designer I'd switch the graphics with the cutscene style graphics on Overdose. Give the three PROGS more costumes and demolitions 0.D and Multiplayer co-op. That be so fun! Then, supporting each other in other parts of the game would be great!!! :D


Cheesy name, I know :P

It would be set inbetween the first game and Overdose, and would have playable stories for most the cast (E.g: How Juji broke out from Garino's capture, how Billy met Juji, how Sherry became a super-powered badass, things like that :D)

Co-op would be required! That was my only issue with the games, since you couldn't have Grave and Bunji sliding around drilling holes into everyone xD

As for an anime, I would want them to pull the same thing as last time but with Overdose: A deeper look on the story. Where as the original focused on Brandon leading up to his death, it could instead focus on Mika as she waits for him to awaken again.

With that in mind, Gungrave Reawakening works fine! ^^