Rocketbilly Redcadillac, "Billy" for short (called "RB" by Juji), is the 17 year old ghost haunting an electric guitar that Juji found during his travels. 


Juji's partner, "Billy" is a ghost haunting an electric guitar. Unlike Juji, Billy is a laid back ladies man, though bizarre enough, he considers his own grandmother to be the ideal woman. In combat, he employs the same guitar he haunts, using the dynamo attached onto it to deliver lightning strikes as he plays.


Billy excels at long range combat, quickly clearing rooms of henchmen with arcs of electricity. His melee skills are sub-par compared to his comrades, but he can charge his electric guitar to deliver powerful shocks.

Demolition Shots Edit

Front: Edit

Level 1: Do Not Disturb: Billy shoots a huge ball lightning forward.

Level 2: That Girl's Dynamite: Billy strums his guitar and calls forth a lightning bolt from above.

Level 3: Thunder Love: Billy summons additional parts that will assemble themselves to the dynamo of his guitar and form a massive cannon. Then he fires a large laser beam forward.

Surround: Edit

Level 1: Let's Have Some Fun: Billy performs some breakdancing moves while strumming his guitar and unleashes homing lightning bolts around him.

Level 2: Roses From Heaven: Billy tosses multiple explosive roses around him.

Level 3: Good Vibrations: Billy summons two loudspeakers and jams his guitar under colorful spotlights. The shockwaves will destroy anything in range.

Bullet-time: Edit

Level 1: Doing It Tonight 1: Everything goes in slow motion

Level 2: Doing It Tonight 2: Much longer, and much slower.

Level 3: Doing It Tonight 3: EVEN longer and slower.


He bears a passing resemblance to Vash the Stampede, of Nightow's earlier work Trigun.

It is hinted in Gungrave: Overdose that he used to be a World renowned rock-star, and was killed on stage mid preformance