Millennion (sometimes translated as the Organization) was a criminal organization similar to that of the mafia. It boasts a huge tree of connections to various areas around the globe and a center command called The Family. They are the main antagonists of the original Gungrave game and it's anime adaptation.

The Family follows a "Code of Iron", which maintained that nobody was to betray the Family, especially not its own members. Betrayal was punished by death, although Harry McDowell spared Balladbird Lee in front of the backup gunmen sent to hold Lee at gunpoint and neither was gunned down, suggesting that only members of the Family were responsible for carrying out the Code of Iron, only they had the authority to carry it out, or the gunmen selected by Harry preferred Harry's leadership to the Code of Iron. Bear Walken interprets the Code of Iron as only applicable to members of the Family, assuring the retired Big Daddy that whatever he had done post-retirement, he was not liable to the Code of Iron.

Big Daddy was the founder and original leader but was eventually killed by Harry McDowell, who took over as the new leader. In the game's continuity, after Harry's death, Millennion has either been scattered or no longer exists due to Grave killing all the higher-ups in his assault on Harry's airship. In the anime's continuity, Millennion is under Biscoe's command after Harry is ousted.


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