Dr. Laguna Glock is Millennion's head scientist under Harry McDowell, and the former assistant of Dr. T. Glock invented the process of Superiorization, enabling Harry's Big Four to become Superiors.

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Unlike Dr. T, who regrets his role in fathering the science of Necrolization, Dr. Glock has no qualms with the science and wholeheartedly pushes it as far as it can go. Glock even watches gleefully as the prototype Orgmen ravage Dr. T's lab shortly before his former head's disappearance, and the morning after the lab is destroyed, approaches Harry and proposes the idea of Superiorization. Thirteen years after the incident, Glock has not changed in demeanor at all, and even admires the Orgmen he had produced in his test chambers.

Glock also seems to suffer from an inferiority complex towards Dr. T: when Grave ravages his lab, an angry and horrified Glock stands aside and wonders if the destruction of his lab signifies Dr. T's superiority.

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