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Steven Jay Blum (English)


Centre Head (English) Center Head (American)

Fangoram is a biproduct of the Necrolization Project, and by physcial strength, the strongest Deadman of all. He is the only being capable of wielding the last of the Cerberus series of

guns, the Center Head and is Garino's bodyguard. He seems to be the exact opposite of Beyond the Grave


From Graves POV

Take aim

Fangoram takes aim

Fangoram Dies

Fangoram finally falls

Fangoram is first seen with the rest of the Corsiones as they meet about Grave escaping Metaslica. Later he is seen alongside Garino, who taunts Grave. Grave fires at him, but Fangoram fires back, the bullet from the rifle being five times the size of Grave's bullets, easily knocking the bullets off course and hitting Grave, badly wounding him. He escapes with Garino. Later, after Zell is defeated, he crashes through a wall intending to battle Grave. Rocketbilly Redcadillac holds him at bay, despite protests from Juji Kabane and Mika Asagi. He defeats Billy, and is later seen on a tank covering the Don's escape, although Grave manages to get past him. He stays on pursuit of the Truck and brings it down, breaking in and destroying it. Despite attacking Mika and Juji, he left Spike untouched, leaving. He is finally seen in a final battle against Grave, angered by the deaths of his Deadman "Friends" Bunji and Sherry, he attacks. After a long battle, Fangoram is left for dead, still defiant but immobile.


Fangoram seems to have a similar personality to Bunji, loyal to those he works for but violent to others. Sadly though, his personality is never really developed upon, despite being a major character. His appearance is somewhat similar to WWE's "Undertaker"


"Must kill... Must kill you"



"You kill Fangoram's friends. You kill Deadmen."

"Fangoram full of hatred!"

Trivia Edit

Fangoram notably resembles the prototype Orgmen developed by Dr. T and Laguna Glock in the anime series. Rumor has it Blood War is Fangoram before he was known as such.

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