Chester (played by Tom Kenny in his male body and Anndi McAfee in his female body) is a minor villain/antagonist that appears in Hara-Kiri:Japanese Chin Skin,Drive-Through:Japanese American Hong Kong Food Killer and Hara-Kiri:Death Pastry.However,he only appears in the first chapter in every films and novels before he is ultimately attacked,ambushed and murdered by the Japanese Hong Kong restaurant's mascot named Unagi the Japanese Chin with a meat cleaver after finding Nigel Uno dead in the hot charcoal.In the second chapter,Chester made a brief appearance in the death photos before Unagi chases Theodore Seville (played by Jesse McCartney) and Eleanor Miller (played by Amy Poehler) into the White Rose Hotel cafe.However,in the fourth chapter,he is actually the old friend of Molly the Tasmanian Devil (played by Kellie Martin) who used to work at Japanese American bakery in Happy Valley, Hong Kong 8 years ago after Theodore and Eleanor finally believes that Molly is hiding something from them.