Cannon Vulcan is a high-ranking member of Lightning, a rival gang to Millennion. Vulcan is Balladbird Lee's brother and comrade-in-arms to Blood War.

Personality Edit

In contrast with his close friend Blood War, Vulcan is calm and calculating, but equally ruthless and belligerent. Vulcan had originally killed his father, coldly dismissing it as a past incident when Lee brought it up in their adulthood. Vulcan's motivation after taking over Millennion is to use his power to start wars wherever he sees fit, so that he will die in a war of his own making; a dream shared by Blood War from their mutual experience in the military.

History Edit

At some point in their past, Vulcan had killed his father. Later in life, Vulcan and War would fight together in the army; the frequent bloodshed and loss of friends would inspire them both to choose to die in a war of their own making rather than die in a war started by somebody else. The experience would inspire War to give Vulcan his silver pistol for safekeeping. War would later go to prison for killing 227 men, but would be released in only eight years, during which Vulcan would obtain the results of Dr. Tokioka's research on necrolization thanks to Mad Dog Ladd's assault on Tokioka's laboratory.

The two would reunite after War's release and discuss their war against Millennion. Vulcan's gang Lightning begins to arm itself, attracting the attention of Harry McDowell, who meets the two and informs them that he is well aware of their plans. Vulcan would later order his brother Balladbird Lee to remain in Millennion as a mole, feeding Lightning information from the inside.

Vulcan would be betrayed by Lee, who declares after his failed attempt to kill Harry that Vulcan's dream of starting war at a whim pales in comparison to Harry's ambitions to rise to the top of the world. Vulcan then commands a deadman to restrain Lee, but the same deadman dissolves into sand due to exceeding the time limit of necrolization. Vulcan is then at Lee's mercy but Lee cannot bring himself to kill his brother; he would finally be finished off by Harry, who shoots him repeatedly in the chest. As he dies, Vulcan reflects back on his promise with Blood War, reflecting that he had indeed died in a war of their own making.